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GHR Renew-U is used to stimulate the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland and contains a new Homeopathic HGH powder formula, which puts an extra dose of HGH instantly into the blood stream, able to be absorbed by the liver and converted into IGF-1 for faster uptake.

GHR Renew-U is a 100% Natural Nutraceutical Capsule product developed in the Laboratories of the American Anti-Aging Society, Inc. This product has been tested by our chemists and clinically tested by doctors in studies to demonstrate a reversal in the aging process. Many physical, mental and blood chemistry tests (Like IGF-1 & HGH levels over 3 & 6 Month Periods) were performed to demonstrate a reversal in the human aging process.

Introduced into the market in 2002 as an upgrade to GHR 15, this third-generation GHR product was also developed by Dr. Don Johnson. This is a more potent HGH Releaser than GHR 15 & GHR GOLD. GHR Renew-U contains similar ingredients as GHR 15, plus homeopathic HGH.

GHR Renew-U assists in the loss of body fat, improved bone density, wrinkle disappearance & skin texture, hair growth and color restoration, increases vitality level, improved sleep, emotional stability, mood elevation and well being, mental alertness, increased sexual potency, strengthening of internal organs and appetite control.

Supplement Facts:


Suggested Use:

Serving Size:
4 capsules

Each 550 mg capsule provides:
Amount Per Capsule

Anterior Pituitary, (Bovine) **
Hypothalamus **
Amino Acid

Active HOMEOPATHIC Ingredients:
HGH (Somatropin)_Abrotanum_Anaccardium Orientale_Arsenicum Album_Baryta Carbonica_Baryta Muriatica_Calcarea Carbonica_Calcarea Fluorica_Calcarea Phosphorica_Ferrum Metallicum_Fucus Vesiculosus_Hekia Lava_Helleborus Niger_Ignatia Amara_Lycopodium Clavatum_Nicotinamidium_Secale Comutum_Silicea_All equal volumes,
in 10x, 30x, 100x potencies

550 mg

20 mg
5 mg
300 mg
50 mg
75 mg

Recommended Adult Intake:

Take four (4) GHR Renew-U capsules on an empty stomach (no snacks) at bedtime, or one hour prior to BREAKFAST on an empty stomach, along with resistive type exercise.
Do not eat for one hour.

Regimen of five (5) days on, two (2) days off.
For optimal effectiveness take GHR Renew-U as directed.

Daily values not established. Inactive ingredients: Gelatin capsule, Rice, Maltodextrin powder
**USA source

GHR Renew-U
100% Natural Formula