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Linda Wade in the Office.


My name is Linda Wade, Owner of the Anti-Aging GHR15 Hormone Shop, a Top Rated Five Star Yahoo! Secure Store. While the Yahoo Store carries other natural and herbal product lines such as Burt's Bees and Ark Naturals for pets, the ShopGHR15.com website is just an extension of the GHR-15 family of anti-aging supplements.

I started my business many years ago part-time and worked seasonal fairs & festivals in the greater Chicago Illinois area. As my children grew, so did the business. Many of my Customers wondered if I had an actual store they could visit year-round. This eventually led to the opening of a Retail store in the North Aurora Shopping Center.

Retail Store, Linda Wade Herbal Products These were exciting times. My daughters, Kathy and Stacy, soon got involved in the act and the business grew by leaps and bounds. It was amazing how far some of our Customers travelled just to visit us.

Then we began tinkering with the Internet, because in part of Customer need. As with the opening of the Retail store, the Yahoo Store was the next logical step in the evolution of the business.

While business boomed on the Internet, sadly enough, this had an inverse effect at the Retail store which we eventually closed in October of 2003.

Now we are in a new era. The method of business may have changed, but as I watch my grand-children help in the packaging of the orders with their mothers ... I know that the principals haven't.

To all our Customers through the years, thank you again for your business!

Thank you, Linda Wade!

GHR 15
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