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"Several months ago I ordered GHR15, from your company and never used it. I just started using it for only 2 days, and I believe I can see a change in my sleeping. I think it’s wonderful….."

Pat J.
Miami, FL

"I have used GHR15 before and it helped improve my energy level, as I am under a lot of stress."

Edie G.
Myrtle Creek, OR

"Your product seems to be helping with my stamina, and I am ordering before I run out, and thank you for not sharing or selling me e-mail or private information."

Laurie P.
Manheim, PA

"I wish American Anti-Aging offered ‘Auto-Ship’ I would arrange for delivery every two months, so I wouldn’t run out, I never want to be without GHR15."

James S.
Franklin, TN

"I saw your ad in the Nation magazine; please continue to support this wonderful organization. We need to have access to the truth, we don’t get elsewhere. Thank you."

Kathryn W.
Brewster, NY

"Thank you for the prompt and quick shipment of my order."


"I’m 60 years old, but look and feel 45 or less. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and prescribed Statin but had drug reactions and lost over 20 pounds, then skin was wrinkled. Now after just 2 weeks of taking GHR15 I can work out again, can feel my muscles and I am not tired. My cholesterol is down and blood pressure is good. I can say I am so happy that I have kissed the bottle."


"My husband and I have used ghr15 for a number of years and have kept younger and able to do things friends our age can not do any more..A few months ago I ran out and didn't have any for a couple of weeks. What a different it made, I had no get up and go and stopped sleeping all night. In fact I was old and aged..A couple of days after aI got my ghr15 I was my old self again..Thanks for my great life.. By the way I am 69 and my husband is 70"

Donna Hart

"I have been a GHR 15 and GHR Gold user for the past two years. I must say that the GHR Gold is a terrific formula! I have increased energy, vitality for life, and look and feel great. I am 35 years old and I still look like I am 25! I must tell you that I have tried other products that are knock offs of the original GHR 15. There is one and only one product! That is Dr. Johnson’s GHR 15. Don’t be fooled."

Joe M.
Norwalk, CT

"My husband has been taking GHR15 since December 2002. He is 51 years old and people think he is in his late thirties. His skin looks young and he has retained a full head of hair. He works in construction and outworks and outlasts men half his age. We are health conscious and I assumed that was the basis for the way he looks and feels. Five weeks ago he ran out of GHR15 and he has complained of the difference he feels. He is not sleeping well, and his energy level and stamina are definitely lower. I noticed a change in his appearance as well, he is already looking older. I want to try it for myself now. I called today and placed a new order."

Mary K.
Detroit, MI

"My boss suggested that I try GHR15, and have been a loyal user for the past 5 years. I am thrilled with the results I have achieved and would never consider starting a day without my GHR15. At 58 years young, my energy level is like my early 40’s, I feel more alive and vibrant, and people tell me I look 10 years younger than my chronological age, I believe I have found "the fountain of youth". I will continue to use GHR15, and never consider another product regardless of the price. GHR15 WORKS!!!
Thank you, Dr. Johnson, thank you American Anti-Aging Society, for this wonderful product."

Josie S.
Auburn NY

"I have been taking the GHR15 powder and capsules for over 3 years. Before that my left knee and upper leg were in such pain that I could walk up and down stairs only if left knee did not bend. I could not walk the 7 blocks from the office to the bus. In less than 1 month after taking the GHR 15, I noticed my knee and leg did not hurt. I would not be without it. At 77 while in New York City, I walked from 46th street to 83rd street and back without being tired."

Patricia P.
Irving, TX

"Love this Stuff"

John C.
Sherman Oaks, CA

"This is the best price I’ve found on the Internet"

Lori R.
Torrance, CA

"THANK YOU for having GHR15 Powder! I have used it for one month and I am excited to continue. It does all that it claims, Thanks"

Austin, TX

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